Daugavpils Iespēju Vidusskola

In 2022 Daugavpils Secondary Schools No.13 and No.15 and pre-school educational institutions No. 28 and No.30 were merged and a new educational institution was created on their basis. Daugavpils Opportunity secondary school (Daugavpils Iespēju Vidusskola) is the successor of the rights, obligations, functions and educational programs of the above-mentioned institutions. The school implements preschool educational program, elementary education minority program, elementary education professionally oriented minority program and general secondary education program. The school is subordinate to Daugavpils City Municipality. The main task of the school is to provide quality education for everyone and everywhere. 

The age range of the students is from 1 to 19 years old. 

The numer of learners – 1640. 

The number of teaching staff – 170. 

The number of non-teaching staff – 98. 

The main challenge of the newly established school is to create modern, competitive school meeting the requirements of the time, the needs, abilities and opportunities of the students. In the school development plan of the 2022/2023-2024/2025 school years three important objectives have been put forward: 

  1. Highly qualified, competent and excellence-oriented teachers.
  2. Modern, qualitative educational offer focused on developing skills that are highly valued in the labor market.
  3. Support for everyone’s growth.

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